Having an argument again, the clan elder finally allowed Kurapika to take the test to go to the outside world. Do-Gooder TV Show: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Franchise: Hunter x Hunter The last phase of the Hunter Exam is an elimination tournament with a twist—the winner of a match will be removed from the list and receive his very own Hunter License and the loser will be given more chance. During the first poll, fans were impressed by his great will and often confused about his gender which gave him a lot of points. The legendary brilliance of such scarlet eyes caused them to have high demand as a collector's treasure. Goals When the Second Phase is on the verge of having no qualifier, Chairman Netero of the Hunter Association arrives in an airship, criticizes Menchi for losing her temper as an examiner, and tells her to give them another test, which she herself also has to take. Enraged, his eyes turn scarlet and he knocks Majtani down with a single punch, however the match is still going on because he refuses to kill his opponent, who seems to be unconscious. Leorio immediately rushes to help him, followed shortly by Kurapika, but they fail to catch him. Anime voice actor & seiyuu comparison ... Hunter x Hunter (2011) ハンター×ハンター (2011) The Past. Kurapika is one of the four main protagonists in the anime/manga series Hunter × Hunter. It has been licensed by Viz Media and the English dub started its run on Toonami on April 16, 2016. He is prone to fits of uncontrollable anger should the memory of his clan be insulted in any way. Gon helps them find her by tracking the smell of the medicine that she uses to defend herself. Enhanced strength: After training at Zebro's house, Kurapika managed to open the first door of the Testing Gate, whose total weight is 4 tons. [35] After 20 days, they are all able to open a testing door and head for the Zoldyck Residence without any problem until they are stopped at another gate by a female attendant named Canary. Kurapika was ranked second in all of the 3 popularity polls that have been conducted so far by Weekly Shonen Jump. When the Captain announces an even fiercer one is approaching, the three are the only candidates not to leave the boat. He then decides to go with Gon and Leorio to Kukuroo Mountain to rescue Killua from the control of his family. Hobby While he was unharmed, his friend Pairo had harmed both of his legs and both of his eyes. [56] He can catch bullets with one of his chains[43] and restrain a target with another in 0.5 seconds from a fair distance,[112] and in approximately 0.2 or 0.3 from only a few meters. [56] He has reached a level of skill high enough that he can remain in a state of Ten without conscious thought. Both want to exact their revenge on a group of villains who murdered their family. He initially refuses to answer the Captain's question about his motives, but when he reveals that he is an examiner Kurapika replies that he is the last of the Kurta and wants to capture the Phantom Troupe. [38] Kurapika then tells his three friends what Hisoka whispered to him during the Final Phase. Kurapika, his 3 friends, and many other contestants have little difficulties passing the test after they discover that these pigs have a spot of weakness on their foreheads. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! He learned Nen in a very short time, as stated by various characters throughout the series, and is deemed a very skilled user. Kurapika is a character of anime »Hunter x Hunter (2011)« and of manga »Hunter X Hunter«. (Though it was pretty obvious to me that he was a boy in the first episodes but his voice … This incident really deeply affects Kurapika with the feelings of guilt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Both are capable hand-to-hand combatants, although they mainly fight with weapons. Kurapika's powers increase greatly as the series progresses. His birthday is also revealed to be April 4. When Illumi Zoldyck wants to go murder Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Hanzo, and some examiners block his way. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! They tell the old gatekeeper, Zebro, that they are Killua's friends but he says he can not let them enter until they can at least push open the first testing door which weighs four tons, because going into the estate via any other way will result in them getting killed by the huge guard dog named Mike. After becoming a professional Hunter, Kurapika starts upon a self destructive dark path. While Leorio protests the unreasonableness of the question, Kurapika hears the applicant the lay let pass scream and understands how to pass the test, but the screener silences him and, after Kurapika agrees to it, poses them her question. [111] With Nen, his blows become more destructive, even to the point that he can not only inflict pain to Uvogin despite the latter's body being impervious to bullets, but also inflict damage on him. Japanese : Hozumi Goda (1999 series), the late Keiji Fujiwara (2011 series) English : Jonathan Love (1999 series), Matthew Mercer (2011 … While he usually maintains a calm and collected persona, he tends to lose his cool whenever the Phantom Troupe is nominated and often cannot control himself. [56] The chains are suited for both offensive and defensive purposes (usually the Dowsing Chain),[43] as well as immobilizing the opponent (Chain Jail). [57], Kurapika struck Uvogin various times before he could react and even disappeared out of sight in a space clear of hideouts with a leap. Kurapika Kurta Kurapika Kurta is one of the protagonists of the manga Hunter × Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi. His voice actress in the Pilot OVA, Noriko Hidaka, also voices Shalnark in the 2011 series. The chains are suited for both offensive and defensive purposes (usually the Dowsing Chain) as well as immobilizing the opponent (Chain Jail). After the outsider girl left, Kurapika realized that the Kurta Clan's elder had stolen it and confronted him about it. Genius-level intellect: Kurapika is one of the smartest characters in the series. His distance from others initially keeps him level-headed and moralistic, but his heart has been poisoned with sadness and hatred. Both have the same first two syllables on their names and are the only main characters to do so. He is voiced by Yuki Kaida in the Japanese version of the 1999 anime and Cheryl McMaster in the English version while in the 2011 anime, he is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version and Erika Harlacher in the English version. The real question isn't whether Kurapika is a boy or girl because Kurapika is a fictional character, and thus has no gender. After fighting for a while, Hisoka whispers something to him and quits the match, allowing him to become a licensed Hunter. He displayed the ability to use them skillfully against Hisoka. The agent says that his Hunter Exam is not finished. [1] When searching for Halkenburg on the Kakin bodyguard registration, he used the vaguest of clues to choose whom he felt to be Halkenburg, something praised by Oito.[87]. She is the kind hearted and sweet mother of Kurapika. Full Name As he finishes, a group of 11 people who wear black hooded robes and masks and are armed with guns and swords suddenly appear and attack them.