We feature an undergraduate Spanish (SP) major and a foreign languages and literature (FLL) major with concentrations in classical civilization, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Latin. We now offer 8 minor degrees. The Department of Modern Languages and Classics seeks to empower learners to better interact in and understand a dynamic, global environment. Program in Classical Studies is offering five online undergraduate courses: News & Events . The Department of Classics is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all. The Durham Classics, Classical Civilisation, and Ancient History degrees offer both academic rigour and an outstanding student experience. We post updates, important departmental information, and other exciting Classics news! In accordance with University guidelines, however, staff and faculty will continue to work mostly from home throughout the Fall. Be confident throughout your academic career. tracks are available either on campus or online. Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building The Department offers the PhD in Classics, with programs in Classics (ancient history, philology, literary criticism) and in Classical Archaeology. The Department is committed to promoting greater diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the field as a whole. Covid 19 Update The Department also administers the Religious Studies and Arabic Studies programs. The Department of English at UBC offers a wide range of exciting courses that will interest students from across campus. Our diverse and dynamic faculty includes specialists in ancient architecture, colonization, drama, epigraphy, history, landscape, law, medicine, music, oratory, philosophy, poetry, … The museum is frequently used for hands-on teaching, which offers unique opportunities, and serves as a great source of inspiration and contextualisation for studying Classics. Click here for an update regarding our alumni summer seminar! The Department offers programs of unusual breadth and intellectual variety in one of the most culturally diverse cities in North America. The balance of coursework will consist of courses relevant to a student’s research interests that are offered in other departments and programs at Brown (e.g., Religious Studies, Comparative Literature, Classics courses in Latin or Greek Literature, History, English Literature, Ancient Studies, Historical Linguistics, Art History, etc.) Our diverse faculty study all aspects of the Greek and Roman world: its literature, history, philosophy, art, archaeology, and religion, from prehistory to the medieval period. Please refer to the Course Bulletin for a list of the approved related courses. We teach these languages with an eye towards building your ability to read real ancient literature as quickly as is possible. Below are requirements for the major degree programs in the Department of Classical Studies. Learn more… Current Courses. Our diverse faculty study all aspects of the Greek and Roman world: its literature, history, philosophy, art, archaeology, and religion, from prehistory to the medieval period. Some of the practical actions we are taking to achieve that end can be found here. https://www.dal.ca/faculty/arts/current-students/first-year-experience/video-interviews---introducing-fass-departments-and-programs.html, Ongoing Strength: Third Blast of the Trumpet - September 2017, Gold and Silver and Bronze: Second Blast of the Trumpet - May 2017. We offer intensive teaching and have a languages co-ordinator to oversee our offering. Our students develop deeply informed critical perspectives and excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. The Department of Classics offers a variety of classes in Greek and Roman literature, ancient and Medieval philosophy, ancient and Christian religion, and general classical culture. The department offers courses in language and literature, ancient history, philosophy, and art and archaeology within several programs of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It offers a full range of undergraduate, graduate, and postbaccalaureate programs and degrees, and it hosts a variety of ongoing lecture series, seminars, colloquia, and dramatic productions. Weekly participation in a discussion section is required. " Check out Dr. Eli Diamond's interview about studying in our Department: https://www.dal.ca/faculty/arts/current-students/first-year … Faculty member Sarah Murray speaks with the New York Times, Admission Prerequisites & Application Process, Qualifying Exams: Information & Reading Lists, Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle’s Hylomorphism (March 22-23, 2019), Classics In The Anthropocene (April 19-20, 2019), CAC (May 7-9, 2019 | McMaster University), SCS Annual Meeting (Jan 2-5, 2020 | Washington, DC), Department of Classics, 125 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7 Canada. Far from being "dead languages," Greek and Latin are vibrant and fascinating modes of expression that allow readers to engage with beautiful poetry, ever-relevant political and philosophical questions, incendiary rhetoric, and the core works of the European literary canon. All M.A. Student satisfaction with our degree programmes, as measured by the annual NSS Survey, stands at a fantastic 97.4%. You can study degrees in our Classics Department through translations, thus not requiring any Latin or Ancient Greek knowledge. The study of Ancient Greek and Latin is the foundation of the discipline of Classics. Click here for the 2020 prize winners and pictures from the event! An online conference, a book on teaching with tech, and helpful links for online teaching. Some of the practical actions we are taking to achieve that end can be found here. UCL Greek & Latin offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate interdisciplinary programmes in Classical literature, culture and history. Learn ancient languages. Please send any corrections to this list to info@classicalstudies.org, using the subject heading Graduate Program List Update. (Image: Edit of Calypso's Sacred Grove. Classics courses. Please click here to donate. Romare Bearden.). Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  B3H 4R2 Greek and Roman History. Classics forms the foundation for the Humanities. If you have any questions related to the department, please contact the Department Chair, Josiah Osgood, at jo39@georgetown.edu. We recognize that the Classics have historically been used to justify ideologies of exclusion and inequality, but we vehemently oppose these uses in the present and are working actively to critique and combat such ideologies. Interested in registering for a class? Prospective students may apply for the full M.A. Made possible through the generosity of Peter and Lindsay Joost, the Eitner Lectures on Classical Art and Culture aim to publicize Classics and Classical scholarship to a wider public. The main readings come from the Bible, Herodotus, and Assyrian and Persian royal inscriptions, and the course combines historical and archaeological data with social scientific approaches. Browse the latest free online courses from Harvard University, including "CS50's Introduction to Game Development" and "CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript." You can access the course whenever it is convenient for you, from anywhere in the world. 1.902.494.1440. If you wish to visit the department or need information, please contact us by email to set up an appointment. There are some exciting new options! Learn how to add one of these minors to your degree: Our department is home to two journals: Dionysius, which boasts a strong international profile, and Pseudo-Dionysius, run by undergraduate and graduate students at Dalhousie and the University of King's College. Faculty-led programs take students of all colleges and majors to Rome and throughout Italy and Europe to explore Classical Antiquity and its reception. Classics degrees combine learning Greek and Latin, translating and analysing texts and learning about the art, culture, philosophy and history of Ancient Greece and Rome. Classics, the study of ancient Greek and Roman civilization, has been an important part of intellectual life at the University of Toronto since its foundation as King’s College in 1827. Welcome to the online home of the UT Classics Department, an international center for the study of classical antiquity that offers rich undergraduate and graduate programs in the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. In 2015, 7 students graduated in the study area of Classics And Classical Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics with students earning 3 Master's degrees, 2 Certificates degrees, 1 Bachelor's degree, and 1 Doctoral degree. The Classics Department is located on the third floor of Healy Hall between Gaston Hall and Riggs Library. Modern Greek Program. Students holding the BA who wish to do doctoral level work in the Department may apply directly to the PhD program or may apply from the MA program. Check the Events Calendar to see what’s on. Undergraduate Studies Dalhousie University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences As you will see, the listing below consists of a table showing which graduate degree(s) in Classics each institution offers, with the name of the institution serving as a link to the relevant department’s web site. The site for the Harvard University Department of the Classics, featuring information about the department's undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty, students, publications, and events (including the Boston Area Classics Calendar and the Boston Area Modern Greek Calendar). Our first-year courses in literature and writing have been specially designed to appeal to students from all faculties who need to meet specific requirements or who are in the process of discovering and selecting their majors. Yale University offers 5 Classics And Classical Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics Degree programs. Faculty are cross-appointed to the Philosophy department, the Department of History,  the Centre for Medieval Studies, the Centre for Comparative Literature, the Women and Gender Studies Institute, the Department for the Study of Religion, and the Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama, and work with the Jackman Humanities Institute, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Archaeology Centre. The UCLA Department of Classics is one of three Humanities departments at UCLA ranked in the top ten nationally in the last National Research Council report. A good place to begin is the Undergraduate Degree Programs & Plans section on the Classics website, which outlines the requirements for various Classics Degree Plans. It's a large private university in a mid sized city. UGA Classics has educated students abroad since 1970. Meet with Dr. Leona MacLeod, the departmental Undergraduate and Honours Advisor, and choose the classes that are right for you. The Department of Classics at the U of T is one of the largest in North America with over 20 faculty and is internationally renowned for the excellence of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The Department of Classical Studies has been making a significant contribution to academic life at the University of Michigan since the University's founding in 1817. Studying with us will give you access to world-class expertise and resources ranging from the earliest beginnings of the Classical world to its influence on present-day art and thought. degree or apply to take individual courses as a non-matriculated student. I believe that by learning an ancient language you get a lot more out of Classics, as you can often understand the texts better if you can read the original. The Department of Classics is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all. The lecture series was established in honor of the late Lorenz Eitner, renowned scholar, teacher and writer. Welcome to the Department of Classics We study the languages and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose civilizations shape our present cultural, intellectual, professional, and civic lives. Department of History and Classical Studies Leacock Building, 7th floor 855 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, Quebec H3A 2T7 Tel. To find out more about REF2014, and the Department's results, see our REF results page. The movement through, and selection of, courses for your Classics degree are dependent on a prerequisite system. Visit our new page on departmental reading groups. Students are often reading ancient lit… The Department of Classics is offering its full slate of classes and other exciting activities this term. If you have an aptitude for studying languages you may be interested in Classics. The Department of Classics at Columbia University is one of the most dynamic centers for the study of Classical Antiquity in the United States. Follow us @DalClassics on our social media pages! The Classical Studies undergraduate program offers a Classics major , minors in Latin and Ancient Greek , and an interdisciplinary minor in Ancient Civilization . Please also visit our Advising webpage for additional information on degree requirements and policies. Welcome to the Classics Department We offer language and advanced reading courses in Latin and ancient Greek, in addition to a range of courses on ancient culture taught entirely in English. In our teaching and research we embrace the enormous diversity of the ancient world, with its multiplicity of peoples, languages, cultures, and religions. Get the latest information about our courses for the 2020/21 academic year, including class schedules, and learn more from our course descriptions. Check out more information on Explore Courses here. Don't forget to check out classes in Religious Studies and Arabic Studies, too. : 514-398-3975 Fax: 514-398-7476 Learn more about the Department’s Inclusive Language Award. We are thankful for your continued support. For information on our minor programs, click here. UGA Classics - Educating Students Abroad For Over 50 Years. The Department also administers the Religious Studies and Arabic Studies programs. We offer introductory and advanced civilization classes on Roman or Greek culture, classical mythology, classical art and archaeology, literature, film, language, and more. Click here for an updated list of speakers for the 2020-2021 school year! Classics is the investigation of the life and cultural expressions of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Majors. Located in the neoclassical Lillian Massey Building, the Department of Classics is home to the Woodbury Library, with extensive holdings in Greek and Latin, epigraphy and papyrology. Students develop translatable skills in our courses, learning to analyze incomplete data from the past to ask questions, conduct research, and draw conclusions. What can antiquity teach about conceptions of ‘monstrosity’? We offer undergraduate minor concentrations in Chinese, Classical … CLASSICAL STUDIES SUMMER 2020 ONLINE OFFERINGS: In summer 2020, the B.A. The Department of Classics offers a variety of classes in Greek and Roman literature, ancient and Medieval philosophy, ancient and Christian religion, and general classical culture. "Learning a language is always hard, but it is also rewarding. Most courses are 10 weeks in duration and they all run asynchronously – they have no live-time meetings - so you do not have to be online at any specific time to take the course. Classical Art and Archaeology. The Department of Classics at the U of T is one of the largest in North America with over 20 faculty and is internationally renowned for the excellence of its undergraduate and graduate programs. The Ure Museum . NEW! Our short online courses take place in a virtual learning environment. Check out Dr. Eli Diamond's interview about studying in our Department:  https://www.dal.ca/faculty/arts/current-students/first-year-experience/video-interviews---introducing-fass-departments-and-programs.html. For the latest updates on Covid-19 and Fall 2020 at UofT, please visit UTogether2020. Classics also covers area studies because of the broad sweep of the Mediterranean basin and the regions that border it that our field encompasses.