10 ingredients. We’ve got to figure out how to share the uniqueness of Arthur’s flavors, but people also have to understand the why behind it. Open Pit BBQ Sauce Recipe. So I finally found a store that does carry it, so now I can actually have food from off the grill again. This sauce is amazing on ribs, good on beef, not quite so good with chicken (not sweet enough). We are now beginning to see repeat orders of those earlier spring and early summer orders that came through our website. —Nina Friend. People who are serious meat smokers would never use this sauce (if they use any at all). My daddy would always make his special sauce with Open Pit. Open Pit has survived for good reason.Posted Sat, Mar 14 2015 6:59PM, Duke E. Shoez I tried some of the honey kind and my tongue is feeling tingly. I almost fired him as a friend after that. But, after moving to the South, sampling various regional sauces, and owning a family BBQ pit, I realized there are much better BBQ sauces than Open Pit. Yes I'm one of the ones that grew up on the sauce, but contrary to what was written above every person I have made try open pit loves it! That's the whole point of barbecuing itself. Recipe by don544. Uncap this sauce and unleash a world of flavor. 6. About this item. We can't get Open Pit here in TX, does anyone have a recipe that is close? Maybe it was just an anomoly that someone watered the batch down, but it still did not taste good.Posted Mon, May 30 2016 11:45PM, Kathy Sheese YOUR , BROWN Sugar & Bourbon. My only complaint is the artificial color. READ YOUR LABELS. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed the flavor of bbq sauce. Besides noting that it's "tangy" 8 times, they do tell us that it got its roots in 1953 in Detroit. Why would you want to wreck your hard work by putting a sauce with smoke flavoring on it? Open pit reminds me of one of the Best BBQ joints in Nashville and my personal favorite. I use it on everything sometimes I just lick it off my finger. Have you looked at the nutrition label on this sauce? Enjoy it straight out of the bottle or add your own special spices and enhancements. Here, in the Midwestern states, vinegar based sauces are the way. For a few years now I have been meaning to get in touch with the company to talk to them about the mix of their sauce that I use that my kids fondly refer to as Ricks mix. I agree with other posters that the lack of any false smoke or mesquite extracts make this sauce far less of an experiment than many sauces on the market. I personally love this stuff as the properties of the sauce work well for curing and drying jerky, and for slow-b'q. For those people that like the standard barbecue bottled sauces like Kraft or Sweet Baby Ray's or Bullseye, this sauce is not for you. Its pretty simple.Posted Tue, Sep 2 2014 8:15PM, Rose Morowitz Open Pit was not created in Detroit. Posted Thu, Oct 27 2016 3:02PM, Joseph McCracken We got some of the original open pit barbecue sauce and it tastes horrible I think maybe something was wrong with it it smells like pure vinegar I don't know how to describe the taste good it is nasty maybe I just got a bad bottlePosted Thu, Jan 26 2017 6:58PM, Rick Martel Open Pit Onion Barbecue Sauce is great on grilled cheeseburgersPosted Thu, Jul 27 2017 11:23AM, Marybeth I slow cooked a pork roast to serve pulled pork sandwiches along with burgers and hotdogs at party. Its artificial flavors had more in common with a science experiment than a barbecue sauce and I think it's destine to do more bad than good on any food it touches. There were three different hearths. 7 People talking Join In Now Join the conversation! HAVE FUN! 3/4 tsp Hot sauce. I feel that the reviewer fails to see the strongest point about the sauce. This one man had literally a century worth of effort into refining the sauces and dry rubs we offer at Old Arthur’s. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Tastes like straight alcohol.Posted Wed, Dec 6 2017 4:48PM, Robert Cox This is a terrible sauce to put onto a meat after you have cooked but I can imagine if your are looking for a recipe where it calls for a tangy sauce, this is your sauce. The Original series is comprised of a suite of six different flavors, while Thick and Tangy has 3. Go back to your Hillshire Farms, Cheetos and Doritos, haters.Posted Mon, Feb 3 2020 11:54AM, Nathaniel Archibald I’ve had all of Sweet Baby Ray’s, King Hawaiian Original, Stubbs, Jack Daniels, but for outdoor barbecue on the grill: Open Pit is the best, especially for chicken. Try our Traditional shoulder pull, or Holiday-based ham. It's hard to find a bbq sauce without high fructose corn syrup. Recipe by Hannah Hildebrandt. It is great BBQ sauce, and it makes no sense to me that it isn't available in the south. I'm trying to tell Arthur's story one bite at a time. The topic of slavery is not one that is comfortable for anyone to have. By the time Arthur was in his teens, he was assigned responsibility for the open pit meat roasting. Reminiscent of the horrid artificial smell of Nathan's sauce, Open Pit bares only the faintest resemblance of a barbecue sauce aroma. Anything else is strictly imitation. Winter Hours WEDNESDAY THRU SUNDAY 12-8PM, or until Sold Out FOR TAKEOUT OR CAVIAR DELIVERY! Reply Delete. !Posted Tue, Nov 20 2012 9:15PM, kat This sauce stained my dishes!! Here is what you will need to make these Oven Bbq Ribs: Ingredients. A lot of people refer to barbecue sauces as "meaty," and I just don't get it. Just have to fancy sweet bbq KC style.Posted Mon, Jul 11 2016 11:37AM, Stephanie Romano Open pit is the absolute best BBQ sauce!