Related: 8 Money Mistakes to Avoid on Your Way to Being Wealthy. Here are 102 practical side hustles that can earn you extra money, especially if you reside in Nigeria. Build a stock portfolio. Personal experience. Luckily, internet businesses are enough for you to hit a home run. You shouldn’t be too busy to invest your time in building a side hustle. Hi Guys, this is your Money Doctor, Randel again. Nigeria Hustles Ng Hustle is a blog that provides people with Make Money Online tips, Technology updates, Income program reviews, Free Blogger Templates and business tips. JOBS The Best Cities To Hustle And Make Money In Nigeria - Smartlazyhustler - Business (5) - Nairaland. HOW DOES JUMIA LOGS WORKS? 2. The laws of compound interest make money invested in your 20’s more valuable for you than the one invested in your 40's.- Tayo Oyedeji. I ran at least 3 businesses on the side while working for a man. Focus on the money market in Nigeria (10 –17% returns). 6 Side Hustle To Make Extra Cash In Nigeria 2020. If you are as impatient as I … JUMIA LOGS are spammed JUMIA accounts with low or high balance in it. On this note, let us checkout 10 side hustles you can easily pull off while working a 8am -5pm job in Nigeria. On this post, I do be teaching or rather informing you on how to find a side hustle online. i want to share with you some cool Nigerian side hustle that you have to engage and make some money for yourself. ... Creativity is essential on how to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria because creativity helps you … 8. No doubt, the Nigerian 'hustling spirit' is misconstrued to be one of crime or illegal activities all in a bid to make quick money. If your cooking and baking skills are up-to-scratch (or excellent), you could put them to good use and make some money for yourself in the process. Sometimes, a side hustles has the potential of becoming a full-time business. First off, this is not some get-money-quick solution to all your problems. As you can see from this guide, there’s no shortage of side hustles you can explore to make money. PICOWORKERS. Here’s how to make a lot of money online. Here we share some secret ways to monetize your online presence making some $$$ online doing simple stuffs like; Sending eMails. Nigeria Hustles Ng Hustle is a blog that provides people with Make Money Online tips, Technology updates, Income program reviews, Free Blogger Templates and business tips. Jumia logs balance ranges from N100,000 to N1,000,000 and above. Making money online has been the wish of many seeing the successes of many. After this, they have to pay a percentage of company income tax (CIT) from their total profits. is here to give all the eye-openers you need to make money online in Nigeria. So, if your side hustle can’t fulfill this, you have no business doing it. 8. Keep calm, and stay with me. My guess is that you are either a Nigeria student constantly in need of money or you just gained admission and thinking about survival. At some point in time as a Nigerian, you must have heard the 'hustle' anthem either via social media platforms or from friends and family. Uberpreneur If you live in Lagos, Abuja, Benin or any state that features Uber and have a car or access to a car you can drive at will, then, you can make extra cash driving for Uber . There are several other ways to make money along with being a student in Nigeria, so keep reading. The picture and video sharing social media app, Instagram, is one of the largest social media platforms with over 100 million active users. Below are ten side hustle examples you could consider. And many more… INTRODUCTION: How to make money in Nigeria as a student. ', 'what are the money making side hustle on the internet?, 'Can one make money as a second income inflow online in Nigeria?' Writing is a skill, one you need to pitch your products online to potential customers. Patience is a virtue. For you’ll get detailed information about the subject matter and learn the steps needed to ultimately achieve your goals –make money buying company shares in the Nigerian stock exchanges. Here are 9 side hustles you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. The subject of today’s “A Week In The Life” is a twenty-six-year-old fish specialist. If you have a flair for writing, you can sharpen your skill and make a lot of money online from writing. There’s not so much money to be made here, though. is always going to prove lucrative in the long game; even though it might move a little slow at first. As feared by many, money making online is tedious and risky. It is a website where people like me and you come to complete small (Pico) jobs and get paid for it. How to build a side hustle while holding on to your day job. Luckily, the process of buying shares in Nigeria (and pretty much everywhere else) is not yours to do. To that many have keyed-in searches like 'How can one make money online? Tutoring is the provision of instructional service to a single or a group of students. 6. The problem is not everyone is skilled at it. It captures the very spirit of what it means to hustle in Nigeria and puts you in the shoes of the subject for a week. Catering. “A Week In The Life” is a weekly Zikoko series that explores the working-class struggles of Nigerians. There is a lot of side hustle to engage in but the big question is which is real. These logs are hacked accounts, hacked by hackers and then placed for sale for those interested. Starting your own side hustle to earn additional income (or even for just super valuable experience!) It is just as it’s name sounds as Pico is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting one trillionth, a factor of 10 − 12 (0.000000000001). Get the best & latest online money making opportunities in Nigeria. Cowrywise can help. More than a million youths across nigeria now engages in at least one side hustle. 3. Learn how to make money online in Nigeria illegally the easiest way. There’s demand for this service. The main aim of having a side hustle is to make more money in the first place. All firms registered and resident in Nigeria enjoy a tax-free period of 18 months. We all know Jumia is an E-commerce platform in Nigeria. In Nigeria today, individuals have to learn to succeed independently without fooling around with the existing systems. However, turning a side hustle into a big business in Nigeria is not devoid of several challenges. / How To Hustle In Ghana As A Nigerian. Making money online is not new any longer, but the truth remains that a few are still unaware of the various ways you can make money online. Picoworkers is another favorite of mine as it has to do with making money online in Nigeria. Click to see how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime. Once you have something people are willing to buy, a buyer, a means of collecting money, you are ready to go. Illegal Hustles. Side Hustle Options 1. Using your NUMBER SIX (sense). Also, freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork are lucrative sites where you can provide these services as a side hustle or on a part-time basis and make some impressive money. Tutoring . Submit stories to media companies Read on and learn all you need to learn. Doing copy and paste tasks. This guide not only lists the side hustles; it also shows you how to get started in many cases. Transfast offers direct bank deposits to several Nigerians banks, some of them include Zenith bank, First Bank, Ecobank, Citibank, Diamond bank etc. StartupTipsDaily Small business ideas, business plans, & tips for African entrepreneurs to start, run, & grow successful businesses. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Business / The Best Cities To Hustle And Make Money In Nigeria - Smartlazyhustler (43221 Views) 60 Hot Selling Products You Can Import, Sell And Make Money In Nigeria. Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about how you can start a blog in Nigeria and make some money from it Transfast is an online money transfer service you can use to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria if you are in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Freelance Writing. This post is for everyone that wants to become a hustler. Many students in Nigeria sell their old textbooks, past question papers and study materials in exchange for some extra bucks. You too could do the same. This is wrong. Tutoring Service The business market in Nigeria is actually attractive; however inconsistent power supply has been the major challenge; with most companies running with standby generators which use expensive fuel. One of the most widely available ways for making money is to drive for Uber or Lyft. The money is payable to the federal government every year. Having a side hustle, apart from giving you an opportunity to make extra money for yourself, can also be a good way to spend your leisure. Drive for Uber or Lyft. JOBS Build an organization around your businesses. ... Mentor Nigeria is a subsidiary of TreNova Ltd, a … Have options, evaluate them, then choose the one you think is right for you. also, it is important to have it at the back of you mind that online is full of scammers, you, therefore, want to have a genuine side hustle online without losing your cash. But non-residents only have to pay tax from annual profits made in Nigeria. Market Your Business However, you need to have what it takes to make money online in Nigeria before jumping on these websites to earn a decent income. The amount of money you make in as short a time as possible should make you know whether to call it a side hustle or passion.